Ultimate command line arguments parsing: query with Linq

by Alex Siepman 26. March 2014 14:05
Command line parsing in C# is (Static Main(args []string) is very limited. That is why I created a ParameterParser class that results a list of Parameter objects that can be queried with Linq. With this list, it's easy to get almost any information about the parameters you want to know. The syntax is also very easy. No weird RexEg of other parser formats but just regular methods that are easy to use.
This will be the only comand line parser you ever need, or your money back ;-) [More]

Lazy<T> property caching alternative

by Alex Siepman 17. March 2014 20:50
Lazy Has some disadvantages when you use it for caching properties, If you use other members of a class, it has to be set in the constructor. I created an anternative so you can implement the property in the property. Also caching IEnumerable makes no sence because you get a new iterator all the time so in fact it is not cached at all. This is also fixed, [More]

Create your own navigation system (with a Graph, Node and Connection class)

by Alex Siepman 2. March 2014 14:20
Lots of people uses naviagtion systems like TomTom these days. As a C# deveoper you might want to know what the basic principles are behind these systems. This post shows you 3 fully functional classes behind the principles of a navigation system. [More]



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