Dapper joins in Entity Framework style objects

Dapper and joins

Given a table called Author:

and a table called books:

and we have these 3 classes:

    // Could also be a class with get;set; properties
    public record AuthorWithBooks
        public Author Author { get; init; }
        public IReadOnlyList<Book> Books { get; init; }

    public record Author
        public int AuthorId { get; init; }
        public string FirstName { get; init; }
        public string FamilyName { get; init; }

    public record Book
        public int BookId { get; init; }
        public string Title { get; init; }
        public string Color { get; init; }

I could not found simple example have list of tuples where each tuple has 1 author and a list of books. I found an example ath the Dapper siteDapper multi mapping., but that a book that has a reference to an author. Just like in the database, but I want it object oriented: the author has a list of books. That is why I put an simple example of an object oriented style in this blog post.

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